Brave New World

If knowledge is power, what does it take to prepare our children’s minds in the new millennium? Meet the teachers of four South Bay institutions of learning. For them, education is more than grades and textbooks … it’s about elevating local students int

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Education and teachers. There is not a metric in mathematics to determine the profound impact they have on our lives. But they are without a doubt among the most relevant common denominators in the “when I grow up I am going to be … ” life equation.  

On a curious quest to find exceptional teachers who impact the lives of South Bay students, we ventured to four out-of-the-mainstream campuses—from the Beach Cities to the Peninsula. In these halls of learning, kids and teens with unique interests, special talents and a thirst for knowledge find mentors who not only foster their gifts but change the overall dymnamic of their young lives.

On our journey, we encountered students and teachers at a pajama day at the Montessori School, a Chinese language cooking class at Savoir Faire Language Insitute, the Experium Science Lab and Fusion Academy’s music studio. Here are their stories.

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