Shillelaghs and Skateboards

Oh, the morning after St. Patrick’s Day… how I despise thee.

Sullen is the word that immediately comes to mind: Do I feel sluggish? Yes, thanks to nearly three pounds worth of corned beef and potatoes—and cabbage, my favorite—and several (err… give or take) pints of Guinness, I feel very sluggish. Do I feel remorseful? Beaten down? Bummed out? Well, yes, in fact, I do. Remember that shillelagh I mentioned in my last post? (For all of you who are unaware, it’s a traditional Irish club.) Anyway, I feel like there’s wee, Guinness-fueled hooligan trying to break out of my skull with a shillelagh like he’s Andy Dufresne trying to escape from Shawshank Prison. Oh God, I hope the warden catches him and throws him into solitary confinement (and by warden, I mean Tylenol, and by solitary I mean… Oh, never mind).

Regardless of my head troubles, there were a few folks here in LA who had a very fun St. Patrick’s Day; I’m talking about the contestants at the Sk8 Wars 2012.

The first annual Sk8 Wars Urban Battle AM tour was held yesterday at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The contest featured a $2,500 cash grand prize for the most innovative skater, and a specialty (indoor) course was built just for the event. Most of the competitors were amateurs, but professional skateboarders Anthony Mosley and Pep Williams did make an appearance. A number of rock bands and hip-hop artists were slated to perform at the event as well (including Soulja Boy; because God knows it wouldn’t have been a proper St. Patrick’s Day celebration without Soulja Boy).

Here’s a video of the Sk8 Wars 2012 finalists tearing it up (1st prize is still yet to be determined, but I’ll check back on this):

The event wouldn’t have been complete until someone unwillingly castrated themselves, so here’s a video of one of the finalists taking a railing (yes, a railing) to his twig and berries:

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and safe… save for the aforementioned skater) St. Patrick’s Day. I’m off to save my skull from a tiny Irishman, so “slán leat” and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  

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