HAPPY friday!


we made it!!! another week down... and one killer weekend ahead!! the weather is going to perfection (so i hear), the beaches will be full, and my days are going to be close to empty! yay! i love those weekends were you have time to do just about anything you want. i plan on walking to coffee both saturday & sunday morning, redecorating my office {a little}, and kicking back with my mini familia ((well, Charlie & the fireman)). oh, but we do have one big thing to look forward to this weekend... the puppy's first day of school!!! we are attending our first day of doggy training classes and are super excited to make some new puppy friends (and hopefully learn how to sit & stay along the way). needless to say, Charlie is fricken pumped! i hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



if you want to check out from work early...

here's a couple fancy links to distract you:



if this dress was 6" shorter... it would be the PERFECT summer dress! don't ya think?


i love love love this idea... INSTAGRAM magnets??! i mean, come on! i'm ordering some as we speak.


how beautiful + delicious does this SPRING english pea, potato, and rice soup look? it's so pretty!


lately i've been sporting my TOMS as part of my daily "run-around-town" uniform. so i may be in need for a new spring-y pair... i thinking these puppies just may do the trick.


i would like to watch a movie in this FLOATING theater?? wouldn't you? maybe Titanic 3D... or maybe not.


this just may be the EASIEST DIY in the world! like, for real. i'm totally doing it to my front door mat.


i've been on a coaster kick ((for whatever strange reason)) and THESE are my new fave.


i'm going to try and replicate these looks TODAYTOMORROW, and SUNDAY!!



((check out more "HAPPY friday" links here.))

welp peeps, i hope you all have a fabulous + sunny weekend! enjoy!



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